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About Us

Uppercrust Productions is nationally recognized as a premier artisan bakery and luxury food and wine boutique.  Founded in 1981 our company began as a small wholesale bakery run out of a rented house near the University of Florida.  In 1986, a need to expand prompted our move to our current location in The Gainesville Marketplace.  Today, Uppercrust has had the good fortune to be regarded in the community as a Gainesville institution, a place that captures the senses and imagination as well as the spirit of global cuisines.  Passion, persistence, a unique vision, and an artistic approach have made us influential food professionals in the community.

From its inception, Uppercrust has been committed to presenting the most sumptuously delicious foods possible to its customers, presented in an entertaining, literary, and service-oriented setting.  There is an on-going effort at Uppercrust to offer fine and original foods and wines.  We aim to provide food for the mind as well as the senses.  We are blessed with a discerning clientèle that is thoughtful, well-traveled, well-read, open to more diverse tastes, and one whose palate is quite developed.     

Our fascination with all things culinary and borderline-culinary, and our continuing extensive travels abroad serve as the inspiration for our product mix and European decor.  Uppercrust is the source for artisan breads, hand-fashioned croissants and pastries, quality wines, and an exceptional array of luxury foods, such as estate-bottled olive oils, varietal vinegars, artisan chocolates, rare coffees and teas, and sauces, sweet and savoury.  Curious culinary literature, amusing and subtle greeting cards, and beautiful things all of which might best be classified as art de la table, all of these are also available.  The selection is continually refined as new items are found and introduced for their outstanding quality, subtlety, and value.

Uppercrust Productions has received numerous awards and has been featured in local and national publications.  We have been proud members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the International Association for the Specialty Food Trade (whose advisory board we have sat on), Slow Foods USA (although we have come to be worried about the current direction being taken by the organization), the James Beard Foundation, and the Bread Bakers' Guild of America (founding members).  We support and sponsor events that encourage the arts and donate as generously as we are able to.  We are proud sponsors of events brought to Gainesville by the Alliance Francaise.  In particular we are proud to be participants in their upcoming ten-day gastronomy festival in February 2013.  And we are forever supporters of individual artists, artisans, and musicians in the community and abroad. We are fortunate in Gainesville to have so many gifted artists in residence.

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