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We feature a variety of breads, croissants, pastries, and bistro items, all prepared fresh daily and made by hand from zero.  We are serious artisans as we use only the finest and freshest ingredients and focus on wonderful tastes and interesting textures.  Our aim is fine, fresh, and original foods.


All our breads are made from the very beginning with four basic ingredients: unbleached flour, filtered water, sea salt, and a little yeast.  We sometimes add fresh ingredients, such as garlic, herbes de provence, or freshly grated cheeses, but nothing else is added to the dough to make the process shorter or easier for us.  Every one of our breads has integrity!

Our daily offerings of French White, Whole Wheat, * Rosemary,  and *Pain aux Céréales  are available in a variety of sizes and shapes including baguettes, demi-baguettes, ficelles, bâtards, boules, and petits pains.

In addition to our daily offerings, we feature the following specialty breads:

*Tuesday: Leek and Potato
*Wednesday:    Leek and Potato, Rye
*Thursday: Rye
*Friday:            Challah Tresse, Pane ai Cioccolato
*Saturday:       Ciabatta, Pane ai Cioccolato, Pain de la Bière,
Pistachio Boule, Leek and Potato


Our croissants are tenderly layered, crispy, and deliciously buttery.  Our evolving selection of croissants includes:

Petits croissants * Croissants au beurre * Pains au chocolat *  Chocolate-almond croissants *  Chocolate-raspberry croissants  * Almond croissants * Apricot croissants * Croissants aux framboises * Apricot-almond roses * Cinnamon-walnut roses * Raspberry-cream roses * Caramel-walnut roses * Ham  & Emmenthal roses * Turkey & Chèvre roses * Spinach & feta roses * Cinnamon-walnut rolls * Raspberry-filled rolls * Tender little butter rolls


Our pastries are made with the finest ingredients we can find!  Callebaut dark chocolate chunks, Cabot sweet butter, Nielsen-Massey vanilla beans, and hand-picked fresh fruit.  We make our own creme patissiere, our own pate a choux,  and our own tarte shells.  And ..... Brioches are back!  This time as brioches sans tetes!  Our pastry selection varies daily, but generally includes:   

* Scones *  Éclairs au chocolat * Fresh fruit tartes * Tartes aux pommes * Tartes aux poires * Pecan tartes * Lemon butter tartelettes * Reines de Saba *  James Beard chocolate-sour cream cakes * Fresh vanilla bean cheesecakes * Les Stephanies * Chocolate-butterscotch irresistibles *  Chocolate-chip cookies * Painted sugar cookies *  Linzer Hearts * Quatre-quarts * Cheddar crisps * Cranberry-orange, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Bread Puddings * Teabreads  


Our bistro offerings are inspired by our travels and change as we visit interesting places and explore new cultures and cuisines.

* Soupes * Sandwiches * Quiches Lorraine * Leek and bacon tartes * Artichoke mousses * Lemon hummus * White bean mousses * Spinach-feta spreads * Chèvre-en-huile * Tapénade * and more. 

We also offer the following items on a special order basis:

Kalamata olive-swiss rolls and breads  * Artichoke-swiss rolls and breads * Rustic goat-cheese pizzas * Sweet pepper focaccias


We work hard to source products of exceptional taste and texture.  In addition to the offerings we produce in-house, we carry an assortment of:

Fine wines Pâtés * Extra-Virgin Olive Oils * Aged Balsamics * Sea Salts * Olives Sauces * Pastas * Coffee * Tea * Imported chocolates * Art de la table * Greetings cards * Custom gift baskets * Gift certificates.

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