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Order Guide

Please click on 2012 Product Listing to view and download a complete list of our prices, daily offerings, and special occasion products.

We kindly ask that you note the following changes to our ordering policy:

We are now able to offer a special price reduction on 12 of each of the following: 12 petits croissants, 12 croissants au beurre, 12 sweet croissants and roses (a mix is fine), and 12 painted sugar cookies. We do ask, however, for all but the sugar cookies, that you order the larger quantity at least 2 days in advance.

In general we encourage you to place your orders in advance (at least two days).

Any extra, custom treatment you would like on cookies or cakes, as for instance, edible writing or fresh flowers on top, will range in price, depending on the size of the product, from $3.00 to $10.00. For all such extra, custom treatment, we require, as with all ordered products, two days’ notice and payment in advance.

We will no longer be able to accept telephone orders for items to be set aside and picked up the same day. We have come to feel that setting things aside on the same day is really unfair to those who take the trouble to physically come into the store.  It often happens that their selection is diminished because so many items are pulled first thing in the morning for these phoned-in orders. We hope that you will understand.

All of us at Uppercrust give you, encore, comme toujours, UN GRAND MERCI de votre visite!

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